Functionality with innovative features, products and services provide unique experiences in the digital space
and it’s crucial to keep up. The future is here:



Unlike apps and online banking, which need smart phones and Internet access to work, USSD banking using a dedicated short code, gets the job done on any mobile device at little cost.


Mobile Banking App

Together with our client and technical partners we have developed an award winning banking app for both Android and iOS operating systems, providing seamless and intuitive customer experiences both locally and outside the Zimbabwe. 


QR Code Payments

This emerging trend in digital payments could be a game changer! Along with our technical partners we develop mobile applications that allow customers to pay instantly at till point by simply scanning a QR code.


Informal Sector

Multi-Pay has been involved in payment system projects of every kind, but in 2011 we were one of the first to launch a mobile banking and remittance service linked to low cost pre-paid debit cards in Zimbabwe’s informal sector. The market was characterised by hyperinflation, 75% unemployment, a high reliance on cash, (with severe cash shortages) and lack of trust in banks. With our client’s goal of “financial inclusion for all” in mind, we worked to create the ultimate “bank in your pocket” experience supported through a nationwide Agency Banking network.


Bulk Payments

Delivering high levels of security, confidentiality and convenience, our custom built bulk payments platform is used by corporates, agri-business and NGOs for real-time transfer of funds to beneficiary bank accounts or mobile phone numbers as well as easy reconciliation and accurate reports.


Card Associations

Providing value and convenience to customers means being able to offer carefully targeted debit and credit cards that speak to their needs. We have the skills to design, manage and implement local and international card issuing, as well as insights into mobile, remittance and ecommerce products from international card associations. This means we can offer you a fully customised solution across the scope of business requirements. 


Payment Acquiring

The acquiring business is becoming more competitive and dynamic – it has become a key growth driver for businesses in Zimbabwe.  We are proud of our extensive experience in this sector which involves complete end-to-end management of;  hardware, software, staff training, rollout and merchant relationship management, not to mention key insights into differentiating strategies for the international card and mobile payments.



This explosive industry is growing faster than you can blink, so it’s vital to keep up. We are involved in the development of e-commerce solutions that make sense to local banks and merchants allowing online payment to happen swiftly, securely and easily.

“Focused intelligence allows us to better understand the complexities of your business,
and clearly identify how we can create competitive advantages in the marketplace
and practically apply the right solutions.”